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Augmented Reality is the trending technology that can take any type of business to the next level by establishing better two-way communication between the customers and the brand. With the rise of Augmented Reality, a world of new possibilities for startups has paved the way to interact with the digital world using real-world objects and elevate the user experiences to the next level. No wonder, more and more businesses are embracing it and AR applications serve as a worthy investment for businesses.

Technology Expertise

Provide rich technology expertise into the projects we undertake and give splendid results in the development of AR apps.

By developing augmented reality apps for your respective firms, you can reinvent your brand and enable your customers to interact in real-time. So, to improve your customer loyalty, you should better turn to custom augmented reality apps development companies who can churn out the most persuasive Augmented Reality Apps and can take on challenging projects for you.

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Augmented Reality Features

Our team is constantly innovating and exploring Augmented Reality app development services which are as follows

Projection-based AR App

Our developers provide a projection of digital images that can be interactive or non-interactive which will connect with the customers and take your business ahead.

Recognition based AR App

With the help of Marker-based Augmented Reality, it will recognize the marker and replace it with a corresponding object like QR codes which are capable of recognizing an object with 3D imagery.

Outlining AR App

Outlining AR App uses object recognition to work, it is similar to projection-based Augmented Reality.

Superimposition based AR App

The superimposition-based AR technology also uses object recognition technology and replace that thing with an augmented view. This can create amazing UX for your customers.

Location-based AR App

Location-based AR Apps has the feature to detect location by reading the smart device’s GPS. It gives entire information on the screen and helps to track and target customers location-wise.

AR apps for Android &iOS

Get catered Augmented Reality solutions for Android and iOS platforms and create customer-centric experiences for users.

AR Integration to E-commerce

Transform the shopping experiences for e-commerce businesses with this app and boost the sales and branding efforts.

AR Game App Development

With our developers proficient in game development tools give some immersive gaming experiences to your customers.

AR Support & Maintenance

Give support and maintenance in augmented reality development to ensure the apps run seamlessly.

Augmented Reality Services

We at Eureca Apps from Belgium, offer innovative and effective Augmented Reality Application Development services that use this amazing technology and leverage the chances of interacting with real-world objects. Our AR application development expertise extends to a range of platforms, as we always believe that such innovative technologies can empower any enterprises in this era.

We craft some of the unique and captivating experiences through AR and redefine the way users interact with your app. Having years of experience in delivering outstanding Augmented Reality service our app developers have a proven track record of building useful and efficient Augmented Reality apps. The AR experts of our team enhance the product communication and help the business to enjoy market share and provide you with the customized AR solutions to enrich the marketing strategies.


Highly curated apps developed by us.

Eureca Apps has a proficient team and we are proud to be one of the best-augmented reality AR apps development companies in Belgium. AR is all about driving excellence and interactivity in user experiences and we have already created various augmented reality apps that have the right set of features to get your brand a winning advantage. Explore our expertise and best-in-class solutions at competitive prices and see what we can do with this technology to create superlative user experiences for your brand.

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